Vocational Education in Honduras

One Great Hour of Sharing helps young people living in Honduras learn job skills and secure a better future for themselves. CEVER, a project of the community outreach arm of the Evangelical and Reformed Church of Honduras (AIEH), is one such program in Honduras.

CEVER has a modern campus in the rural city of Yoro. In the past, up to 225 students attended classes here. Tuition costs were subsidized by U.S. donations and by the Honduran government. Today, there are only 116 students and donations from both sources have ceased. The goal of the church is to make CEVER less dependent on outside funding, relying on programing for sustainability. CEVER offers courses in culinary arts, woodworking, welding, and machining.

Since no upscale restaurants or meeting rooms exist in this community of 40,000 people, CEVER will utilize its culinary arts program to fill this gap while teaching students employable skills.

The school will also offer auto mechanic and welding services to the community. Future agreements with auto dealers may include training in exchange for the use of their diagnostic equipment and expertise. AIEH also supports small business development through its micro-financing program. Vocational education is a key that opens doors for people to learn what they need now to earn a better living in the future and is making a great impact in Honduras.