Help for Southeastern Michigan

Recovery from a natural disaster takes time—a long time. While there is often an abundance of help in the first days and weeks after disaster strikes, support dwindles as time marches on, yet survivors continue to struggle to recover. Your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing help communities over the long-term. They support training programs like the one that occurred in Michigan last December.

Thousands of homeowners were still struggling to recover long after devastating flooding struck Southeastern Michigan in August 2014. Three months after the flood about 900 homes still needed mucking out—the first step in the recovery process. After a home is mucked out, then the work of mold remediation, replacement and repairs begins.

One Great Hour of Sharing supports communities in crisis through several support channels including immediate relief, cleaning supplies and training community members to help their neighbors through the long-term recovery process.

The December 2014 training event in Warren, Michigan, helped faith and community leaders to learn about the long-term recovery process. The daylong workshop was provided for free and covered topics such as disaster case management, volunteer management, construction management and emotional and spiritual care.

These types of events allow communities to take control of the recovery process and adapt it to meet their own needs. With outside support, they can work together in the months, and often years, ahead to rebuild and find their new normal after unthinkable disaster.

2,000 CWS Emergency Cleanup Buckets arrived in Detroit August 19 for distribution by the American Red Cross to survivors cleaning up from the August 11 flash floods. Buckets were taken right off the truck and into Mobile Emergency Response Vehicles and quickly distributed in several locations. Photo: American Red Cross