Peacebuilding amid crisis in Nicaragua

What began as protests in Nicaragua in April turned into civil unrest and violence that has claimed more than 300 lives and led to widespread fear. Iván Aburto lives in the community of Santa Elen More >>

The Double D: Displacement and Disability

Across the globe, climate change-related displacement has become a norm rather than an exception. Weather and climate hazards that are becoming increasingly common are displacing millions of people More >>

Animal waste becomes valuable fuel in Vietnam

I met Mr. Xuyen during my recent visit to Hung My commune. He was working in a rice field near his home. With a bright smile, he insisted that I drop by his home so that he could show me the biogas More >>

Overcoming trauma through camp in Japan

Torrential rains battered the Japanese town of Mabi in July. The town, which is in Okayama Prefecture, lost more than 2,000 houses in the devastation. Two months after the storm’s worst days, More >>